Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dumb photos

I love this picture, because some days you wish you could say this to someone but just know that you'd suffer even more!

Its one of those days. Below are some photos of stupid things that happen and someone caught it.

Nice! Do you feel save with these guys on duty?

Ummm ok I dont want them driving for me.

Now this wasnt stupid really other than the fact is where is the bathroom? Way over at the other end? Better not have to go very badly!


Honestly how do they end up like this?

Poor Ronald his house burned to the ground! From what I understand someone left one of the deep fryers on! Thats a no-no

This has been on the internet before but I wanted to share it again. This is why if your gonna cheat make it the ground floor! lol

OMG I'm going deaf just looking at this!

Another one thats been on the internet before. But you know I never knew this really could happen, I thought there was no way they could just drive off and the hose would come with I thought that it would just drop to the ground. Mr Gab (who works at a station/store said it happens more than you would believe.)

And finally where did they go to school?


LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Although I have seen some of these before . . . . this totally cracked me up.

Thanks for the laugh.

LMAO . . . quite literally.


SOe said...

LOL Very funny!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Ha ha ha ahhahaaaa!

Clueless said...

These are hilarious!! The gasoline hose really does happen. Their are signs at the gas stations around the area where there is a large senior living area reminding them to put the hose back and that they are financially responsible...had to be some reason that these signs are there. I just may "steal" these pictures!

Clueless said...

I forgot...the car accident is called a buncher cruncher by the traffic reporters and CHP in Southern California. Car on Fire: Barbeque or Carbeque.

Jingle said...

Happy Father's Day to you,
To fathers in your life.
This bog is very beautiful!